More Reasons to Get Started With Google Optimizer


With Google Optimize, we want to empower any sized business – big or small – to take steps to make their sites better. Since releasing Optimize last year, Google has been able to help many businesses identify and provide better site experiences to their users – for free.

Recently, Google announced two new initiatives that will help businesses take even bigger steps when improving their sites.

Higher experiment limit 

Many of Google’s users have given them the feedback that the current limit of 3 simultaneous running experiments is too low. This limit forces them to make difficult tradeoffs about which tests and customer segments should be prioritized. To help address this, Google will soon increase this limit to 5 experiments. They believe this will give you more opportunity to use Optimize across your entire site.

New “Getting started with Google Optimize” video series 

For many, running website tests may appear to be a daunting task. To make things easier, for anyone completely new to testing or recently started using Optimize, Google created a “Getting started with Google Optimize” video series. This will help you start testing in no time. Plus, you can watch the entire series in less than 15 minutes!

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